Cinnamon Fritters with Pumpkin Spice Caramel Sauce

Cinnamon Fritters with Pumpkin Spice Caramel Sauce |

Homemade caramel sauce made with fall flavors makes an exceptional dip for these simple cinnamon fritters!   You know you are a parent when eating homemade fritters and watching The Zookeeper with the kids is considered an exciting night.  I cannot say the movie was that thrilling but the fritters sure as heck were!  Some might think it sad that fried  fritters make my Friday meaningful.  I mean, I remember when I would have been … Continue reading →

Maple Granola Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treat meets granola bar right here in this perfectly sweet treat! Olive Oil is swapped for butter here, but you would never know! #pledgeforEVOO

Granola Rice Krispie Treats are everything you love in a granola bar and everything you crave in rice krispie treats! My kids’ last week of summer break was spent about 5 hours away with their grandma and grandpa.  When this trip was in the planning stages, I have to admit, I was excited by the thought of having the whole house to myself.  No tv, no music, no doorbell, no fighting, no kids running in and out.  Just me, my … Continue reading →

Parmesan Ranch Dip with Tortellini

Easy Parmesan ranch dp is perfect for school lunches as a dip for veggies, crackers or even pasta!

 Parmesan Ranch Dip and cheese filled tortellini make a snacking good lunch! When I was a kid the best thing about picking out school supplies was shopping for my new lunch box.  My shiny, metal noisy lunch box with it's matching thermos.  I vividly remember my Dukes of Hazard lunch box (forget One Direction, Bo and Luke Duke were IT).  Those were the days. I loved pouring out my juice into the plastic thermos cup.  I … Continue reading →

Avocado Hummus Quinoa Burgers

A simple avocado hummus is the perfect topping for any burger!

BlogHer and MorningStar Farms have compensated me for this post.  I am happy to partner up to bring you new recipes! A simple homemade avocado hummus makes a perfect topping for any burger! I love sneaking different foods into our diets. I’ve been known to stare down my husband as he begins to eat his dinner. When I do this, my husband knows instantly that dinner is hiding a surpise ingredient, like pumpkin in our chili or … Continue reading →

Quick and Easy Dessert: S’mores Popcorn Bars

This quick and easy dessert is a snack that is sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces! Marshmallow coated popcorn, graham crackers and lots of chocolate. What could be better?

Need a quick and easy dessert that is fun and sure to please?  These S’mores Popcorn Bars will be a hit with everyone! Back in my childless days, dinner often consisted of a giant bowl of hot buttered, heavily salted popcorn.  Sure, popcorn has no nutritional value except for fiber which is almost certainly cancelled out after all the butter and salt, but it was easy, it was quick, and it made me oh so happy. Sadly, I had to let my popcorn … Continue reading →

Mini Taco Tortilla Cups

Mini tortilla cups filled with a taco flavored cream cheese, black beand and lots of veggies!

Good things come in small packages! These Mini Taco Tortilla Cups are packed full of black beans, veggies and a taco flavored cream cheese! These mini bites make an easy meal or a fun appetizer!   No more school lunches!!  Well, until August that is.  No more baggies or stinky lunch boxes, hallelujah!  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that my kids are probably relieved here too.  There's something liberating about knowing … Continue reading →

Blueberry Salsa

Lots of fresh flavors combine to make this summertime blueberry salsa!

A simple and fresh salsa that is perfect for summer! Blueberry picking is just around the corner.  I would love to make it to the farm in person to get my baskets of blueberries.  The local picking farm opens at 8 a.m. but each year people arrive earlier and earlier to stake their spot.  Those go-getters are itching to lay claim to the plumpest, juiciest berries possible.  While I admire their tenacity, I’m just not that motivated.  Given the … Continue reading →

Jalapeño Popper Beer Cheese

Jalapeno popper meets beer cheese for a spicy, creamy and absolutley delicious appetizer!

 Beer cheese and jalapeno poppers come together for one flavorful dip!   Sometimes I'm secretly jealous of all my wine drinking friends.  There is just something about holding a wine goblet that makes them look more sophisticated.  Their wine glasses could be filled with Boones’ Farm, but they would still come off looking classier than I would with my aluminum beer can.   I know very little about wine.  I wish I could talk … Continue reading →

Garlic Leek and Goat Cheese Dip

Roasted garlic makes this goat cheese and leek dip extra creamy and flavorful!

This dip is doubly creamy with the roasted garlic and soft goat cheese!  The leeks add a subtle freshness. I was listening to satellite radio during one of my kiddie taxi cab trips this past week.  I was half listening and half dreaming up new recipes in my head when I was awoken from my daydream by the DJ talking about Instagram.  Except she wasn’t referring to it as Instagram, rather she was abbreviating it to “Insta." … Continue reading →