Jalapeño Popper Beer Cheese

Jalapeno popper meets beer cheese for a spicy, creamy and absolutley delicious appetizer! www.lemonsforlulu.com

 Beer cheese and jalapeno poppers come together for one flavorful dip!   Sometimes I'm secretly jealous of all my wine drinking friends.  There is just something about holding a wine goblet that makes them look more sophisticated.  Their wine glasses could be filled with Boones’ Farm, but they would still come off looking classier than I would with my aluminum beer can.   I know very little about wine.  I wish I could talk … Continue reading →

Garlic Leek and Goat Cheese Dip

Roasted garlic makes this goat cheese and leek dip extra creamy and flavorful! www.lemonsforlulu.com

This dip is doubly creamy with the roasted garlic and soft goat cheese!  The leeks add a subtle freshness. I was listening to satellite radio during one of my kiddie taxi cab trips this past week.  I was half listening and half dreaming up new recipes in my head when I was awoken from my daydream by the DJ talking about Instagram.  Except she wasn’t referring to it as Instagram, rather she was abbreviating it to “Insta." … Continue reading →

Eggplant Dip

Easy dip made with eggplant, tomatoes and Greek Yogurt! www.lemonsforlulu.com

 A tangy dip made from fresh eggplants, tomatoes and creamy Greek Yogurt! I hadn’t planned on erasing Christmas, it just happened.    I even told the family  since Christmas came so quickly this year, I was going to leave the Christmas decorations up until after the New Year.  But….it was 50 degrees outside.   I don’t know about you, but I would rather take down Christmas lights when my fingers aren’t frozen. Down came the lights, the … Continue reading →

Chipotle Black Bean Dip

Creamy,, smoky and loaded with cheese, this chipotle black bean dip will be a hit! www.lemonsforlulu.com

This  black bean dip has just a smoky hint of spice.  It’s hot, creamy and loaded with cheese! A friend of mine was asking my opinion on how much food to make for a party she was going to be hosting for a group of women.  After talking it over, we agreed it was unnecessary to make too much.  Women tend to eat less when we congregate.    We feel the need to be dainty.   Every time we gather around food we take tiny plates and make tiny food … Continue reading →

Caramel Fruit Dip

Creamy and smooth caramel flavored fruit dip. www.lemonsforlulu.com

This creamy and sweet fruit dip is perfect for your favorite fall fruit! Five Reasons why I am NOT a cool mom: 1.  I have lost interest in swimming.  In fact I prefer to stay out of the water entirely. 2. One game of tag is fun, any more is not. 3. I yell, enforce bedtimes and insist the kids clean their rooms on a weekly basis. 4. I do not like dressing up for Halloween. 5.  I serve Brussels sprouts  Five reasons why I AM a cool … Continue reading →

Tex-Mex Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Tex Mex Spinach and Artichoke Dip has a bit of a kick with poblano peppers and jalapeño that have been roasted! Creamy, cheesy and full of flavor! www.lemonsforlulu.com

Spinach and artichoke dip with a little heat!  Roasted poblano's and jalapeños add spice that's tamed by lots of creamy cheese! I love eating, but I don't always like following the food pyramid.  I'm a snacker at heart and although I know what food is good for me, I am not always eager to consume them.  If things like fat, calories, cholesterol, and blood pressure didn't exist than I would eat completely differently. My food … Continue reading →

Muffaletta Hoagy Dip

Muffaletta Hoagie Dip

The flavors you love in a Muffaletta sandwich can be found in this simple hoagie dip! When I was a freshman in college, I had the opportunity to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  A group of friends were renting a van and driving down for the week.   But since I was a freshman in college, I had no money.  A trip like that would probably use up my grocery funds for the month.   So I stayed behind and cursed my lack of funds, lack of … Continue reading →

Green Goddess Dip

Easy light dip made with avocados and Greek yogurt! www.lemonsforlulu.com

Dips are one of my favorite things to eat.  But I prefer easy dips!  Serving a healthy dip is even better! I made this Green Goddess veggie dip with Chobani yogurt!  It's easy, healthy and delicious!   Going green can mean so many things.  It can mean being environmentally conscious, or bringing out our inner Irish.  For me it means eating green food.  A few weeks ago I made pistachio pudding cookies which were the perfect verdant … Continue reading →

Sriracha Beer Cheese

Sriracha Beer Cheese

I love spicy food about as much as I love dessert!!!  In fact, the hotter the better!  My proudest moment was eating at an Indian restaurant in college.  I ordered a Vindaloo that was so spicy, the waiter actually hovered to watch me take a bite.  He then admitted that he had never seen a woman eat that dish.  I was beaming!  I was wiping my nose as well, but boy was I pleased with myself. One of the best days of my life was when I discovered … Continue reading →