Maple Granola Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treat meets granola bar right here in this perfectly sweet treat! Olive Oil is swapped for butter here, but you would never know! #pledgeforEVOO

Granola Rice Krispie Treats are everything you love in a granola bar and everything you crave in rice krispie treats! My kids’ last week of summer break was spent about 5 hours away with their grandma and grandpa.  When this trip was in the planning stages, I have to admit, I was excited by the thought of having the whole house to myself.  No tv, no music, no doorbell, no fighting, no kids running in and out.  Just me, my … Continue reading →

Quick and Easy Dessert: S’mores Popcorn Bars

This quick and easy dessert is a snack that is sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces! Marshmallow coated popcorn, graham crackers and lots of chocolate. What could be better?

Need a quick and easy dessert that is fun and sure to please?  These S’mores Popcorn Bars will be a hit with everyone! Back in my childless days, dinner often consisted of a giant bowl of hot buttered, heavily salted popcorn.  Sure, popcorn has no nutritional value except for fiber which is almost certainly cancelled out after all the butter and salt, but it was easy, it was quick, and it made me oh so happy. Sadly, I had to let my popcorn … Continue reading →

S’mores Peanut Butter Bars

Peanut butter bars inspired but S’mores, with graham crackers, chocolate and mini marshmallows!

These peanut butter bars have a hint of graham crackers, fudgy center and are sprinkled with mini marshmallows!  A S’mores flavored dessert! When our kids were given iPods as gifts, it was with the understanding that we would monitor everything they did.  Our oldest kids are 10 and 9 and 5 and are quite naive and innocent.  However, I wanted to establish the house rule now that mom is always watching. Recently the kids have discovered the … Continue reading →

Sweet Tea Lemon Bars

A shortbread crusts holds a sweet and tart filling infused with sweet tea. A lemony glaze rests right on top!

I have been compensated for this post, but I assure that all opinions are 100% my own! Simple lemon bars with shortbread crust, a sweet tea infused lemon filling and fresh mint!  A lemony glaze rests on top!  A refreshingly simple dessert! There was a time when I actually drank my coffee black and my tea straight up.  I was hard core, although I’m not really sure how that ever got started.  I’ve always been very fond of very sweet things.  My … Continue reading →

Cherry M & M Blondies

Blondie brownies with a hint of almond and lots of cherry flavored M & M’s!

Blondie Brownies made with lots of brown sugar, a hint of almond and tart cherry M & M candies! Are you following Lulu on Facebook? My poor husband had a real moment of panic on Sunday as the realization hit him that Valentine’s Day was only days away.  He turned to me and with a wild look in his eyes, he asked if he should do something for me or not.  I told him not to worry about.  But he continued to stare at me as he was trying to … Continue reading →

{Gluten Free} Chocolate Chip Orange Cheesecake Bars

Gluten free chocolate chip orange cheesecake bars.

These gluten-free chocolate chip orange cheesecake bars couldn’t be simpler, especially since they start with refrigerated cookie dough!  A refreshingly pleasing dessert! This post was sponsored by Pillsbury, however, all opinions are 100% my own. Our family of 5 has many little family Christmas traditions that we feel we must cross off our list.  We have to drive through the park to look at lights, we go to the Festival of Lights at the … Continue reading →

Reese’s Peanut Butter Caramel Bars { appreciation post for the worlds best taste tester}

Peanut Butter Caramel Bars

Need something sinful and decadent? You need these bars!  Choc full of chocolate chips, gooey caramel, peanut butter  and chopped Reese's Cups! My husband and I have very defined roles, much like many married couples.  He works outside the home and provides for his family, he takes care of all landscaping duties.  He is the painter, the fix it man, the chief financial planner, the sports "trainer", and the taste tester.  I am everything … Continue reading →

Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Bars

Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Bars

Sugar cookies in a thick and delicious bar! Lots of apples and cinnamon make these bars the perfect fall treat! Each major holiday comes with a "to do" list.  I'm not talking about shopping or decorating, but more of an itinerary of things we need to do as a family.  When the start of school rolls around, I start planning our fall activities. The season will NOT be complete for me unless we find time to do all the fun things autumn has to … Continue reading →

No Bake Nutella Mint Granola Bars

No Bake Nutella Mint Granola Bars

No bake Nutella mint granola bars come together quickly and easily! The perfect snack for back to school!   I made my 8 year old son cry the other day.  He was innocently watching tv when I walked in and announced that I had just printed off their school supply list!  I guess my announcement was delivered with a little too much exuberance because he lost it.   That wasn't my intention, honestly.  But it IS August, it's time to start thinking … Continue reading →