Slow Cooker Bourbon Pulled Pork

 It’s too hot to cook but you need an idea for what to do for dinner, then get out your slow cooker!

Pulled pork is so easy to make in the slow cooker!  Throw in a little bourbon for sweetness and flavor!


Bourbon Pulled Pork

It’s vacation time in the Lemons for Lulu household.  We are crazy enough to pile into the family mini van and drive off into the sunset in search of white sandy beaches, ocean breezes and total relaxation.  The destination will be bliss.  It’s the getting there that will be maddening.  Nothing truly tests your patience and your love for your own family quite like a road trip.   I’m sure some folks might say that the journey is part of the adventure.    While there might be some truth to that, I’d rather skip the 13 hour journey and get to the part where I’m sitting on the beach sipping a margarita!

The drive always starts out perfectly.   Everyone is smiling and happy, it IS vacation after all.   I settle into my passenger  seat and do what I always do when I’m in the car; I fall asleep.  But it doesn’t last long because my kids do what they do in the car, they get hungry.  Once the crinkling of food packaging is heard, the flood gates open.  Our kids will embark upon the biggest eating frenzy.  It’s my own fault.  I like to bring special “vacation” food, like this Samoa Popcorn or this almond bark.  You know the kind of food you have around because you are blatantly bribing your kids for good behavior!  Unfortunately for me as co-pilot, this means I’m constantly contorting my body trying to reach and distribute the snacks.  Now I’m totally annoyed because my nap has been ruined and I can’t get past the amount of crumbs that are raining all over the floor of the van.

Then my son has to pee.  He’s not very good at giving advanced notice.  When he announces he has to go, HE HAS TO GO NOW!   What ensues is a little muttering under the breath while the van careens across several lanes of traffic hoping to get to a bathroom before there’s more than just crumbs on floor of the van, you know what I mean?

And then it’s the dreaded “how much longer”.  That statement is just like nails on a chalk board.  Kids fail to realize that we are just as anxious to get out of the car!  We do not enjoy having a numb butt anymore than they do!  We get bored and cramped and tired and hungry too.  So trust me, it is in our best interest to get there and when we do, we will shout out a booming” HALLELUJAH” , fall to our knees and kiss the sand!  Then vacation can truly begin!  And for the next several days no one mentions the fact that we have to drive 13 hours to get back home.

Bourbon Pulled Pork

I think the family road trip is the perfect analogy for making this slow cooker bourbon pulled pork.  The anticipation will make you crazy, but it is worth the wait!  It actually doesn’t take long to put together.  Mix everything in the slow cooker, put in your pork and walk away.  In a matter of hours you will have the most  mouth-watering, saucy and tangy pulled pork you’ve every tasted!  The bourbon adds a sweet, woodsy undertone to the sauce.  Pile the pulled pork on your favorite bun along with some pickles, hot peppers or slaw.  It’s seriously crazy good!

See, it’s not the getting there that’s important, it is how it ends!  And this meal ends with a satisfied belly!


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Cocoa and Chili Spiced Pork with Cherry Sauce

Pork Chops with Blackberry Peach Sauce

Pork Chops with Blackberry Peach Sauce





Slow Cooker Bourbon Pulled Pork
  • 1 ¾ cup ketchup
  • ⅓ cup brown sugar
  • ⅓ cup red wine vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons Worcetershire sauce
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • ½ cup bourbon
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • pepper
  • 4 lbs boneless pork roast
  1. Place all ingredients in the slow cooker, add pork, turning to coat. Cook on high for 1 hour. Reduce heat to low and cook an addition 7 hours. Remove pork and shred with two forks. Return shredded pork to slow cooker and cook an additional hour.


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42 Responses

  1. I have not used bourbon when making pulled pork – yet! That looks really good. I am going to pin this recipe and try it soon. Thanks for sharing.

    • Even my kids loved this bbq, highly recommend the bourbon! Thanks Lynda!

  2. I love an excuse to use my slow cooker, and pulled pork is one of my favorite foods. I look forward to trying this recipe! It sounds delicious!

  3. Oh, the “are we there yet???” Makes me want to shove the car antennae in my eye…

  4. Heaven, that’s what this looks like!! What a neat Summer sandwich! Pinned!

  5. I’ve been on a pulled pork kick for a while now, and yours looks phenomenal! Road trips + kids = frustration! It’s all fun in the end.

    • Frustrating and exhausting! Thanks for the compliment Marcie!

  6. This looks amazing Tanya! Hope you are enjoying that vacation and creating tons of memories…that don’t involve the dreaded road trip :)

    • Thank you Julie! It started off with a big ole sunburn, but it’s all good!

  7. Tanya, you forgot to pick me up on your way to vacation! Hello, I totally belong on a white sandy beach with you, drinking cocktails and wearing those big, floppy hats. But to make it up to me, you can totally make me this sammy. I LOVE pulled pork. And bourbon :)

    • Darn it Hayley, I knew we forgot to pack something….you!!! I will share my sandwich instead, and my bourbon!

  8. Yes, please. I love pulled pork sandwiches and this looks amazing.

    • I love pulled pork too! Thank you Micha!

  9. Yum! My hottie and I have a soft spot for some pig.

  10. Hey Tanya – this looks so good that I not only pinned it, I shared the link on a google+ crock pot community I belong to. Hope that’s okay. I told them it wasn’t mine but it was a friend’s and then posted the link to your blog. hope that’s okay!

  11. Oh my goodness, this is my kind of sandwich! I love me some pulled pork! I hope you are having fun on your vacay and that the road trip didn’t end up being like National Lampoon’s Vacation ;P

  12. You had me at Bourbon! Our road trip to get to the sandy beaches, was a 3 day drive back to California 😛 Ahhhh, the joys of having children!!!

    • I had ME at bourbon! No way, no 3 day drive for us! Whew, you are brave!

  13. I’m game! No, not for the road trip. I’ve taken my last. I mean that ‘ll make this pulled pork. I recently tried a recipe but it wasn’t as flavorful as I had hoped it would be. I know that won’t be a problem here. And with Summer coming on fast, there’s no better time to make pulled pork. Who wants to cook a dinner when there’s a sandwich handy? Not me! Thanks, Tanya.

  14. I hate to admit this, but I dread road trips! The furthest away we now go is about 2 hours, that is about all we can stand :-)
    I love to use my slow cooker during summer, pulled pork is one of my favorites, I will have to try your bourbon sauce! I have had an unopened bottle of Southern Comfort in my pantry for ever, now I know what to do with it!

    • You are smart to stay within 2 hours! I just wish something exciting was only that far! I love the slow cooker too! So easy! Thanks Jennifer!

  15. First off I want to come on vacation and second, more importantly I want to stuff my face with these sandwiches!! Seriously pulled pork is the busssinessss I want, I want, I want!!!

  16. Ha. Vacations are crazy but wouldn’t you not have it any other way.

    Those sandwiches look A-mazing.

  17. Keeping It Simple

    Sounds great and I would love to make it, but I don’t have bourbon and don’t want to buy it to use a half cup once…. is there a substitution? Every recipe I try has required me to buy different condiments and spices, and I need a break!

  18. […] to use in my food.  I find it adds a deep, rich undertone to both savory foods like pork bbq and sweet foods like Butterscotch Bars and German Brownies.  In fact, I’m sort of addicted to […]

  19. Slow cooked pork is amazing. And add the bourbon? Wow, I am so excited to try this. It looks absolutely delicious.

  20. Lourdes

    Hi, just found this recipe of yours & it sounds delish! Right when I thought I’d get this started I realized my bourbon was swiped! LOL, I do have single malt whiskey though. Do you think the substitution will work? Thanks!

    • The tasted would taste just a bit different. I would start of with less whiskey and add more as you go. Chicken broth would be fine too.


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