Bailey’s Mocha Milkshake

A frosty treat just for adults!

This milkshake has a healthy dose of Bailey’s Irish Cream

mixed with chocolate ice cream and frozen coffee ice cubes for a mocha flavor!

Bailey's Mocha Milkshake

I love coming up with fun food ideas for my family, primarily my kids.  We’ve made fruit cups in wonton wrappers, kid-pleasing granola bars, waffle sandwiches and even chili dogs.  For Halloween night, I try to come up with a festive dinner such as spaghetti for brains and finger shaped bread sticks.  We have special meals and desserts for birthdays, and heart-shaped food for Valentine’s Day.  I serve green on St. Patty’s day and Mexican for Cinco De Mayo.  I’m a nerd, what can I say?  But I love doing these things for the kids, it’s fun for all of us and I know I’m creating special memories.

Bailey's Mocha MilkshakeBut sometimes, I want to make food just for me.  Often, I’m the forgotten one.  I constantly sacrifice my tastes for the tastes of those around me.  Part of being a mom I guess.

Today, I indulged MYSELF!  I made myself a milkshake.  I  received this nifty Ninja Mega Kitchen System to try out AND one to giveaway!  And so far I’ve made countless amounts of breakfast smoothies with the individual cups.  This blender is amazing, seriously, it laughs in the face of all the frozen fruit I throw in!  And I’ve made a spectacular Muffaletta dip (stay tuned for that recipe) in the food processor, but today I used the full size blender for a creamy, spiked, mocha afternoon pick me up!

Bailey's Mocha Milkshake

A few days ago, I froze left over coffee in ice-cube trays.  I threw a dozen of those into this mega blender along with chocolate ice cream and a sizable amount of Bailey’s Irish Cream.  Yes, this was 2:00 in the afternoon on a Thursday, but mamma needed it!  Don’t judge me.  We all have our moments of weakness.   I was feeling rather fancy, so I swirled chocolate syrup around in my cup.    I hungrily watched those powerful whirling blades crush the ice cubes and fold them into the frothy ice cream.  I was absolutely giddy with anticipation!  The coffee ice cubes really made this milkshake.  Cool, caffeinated, boozy and chocolatey.   It was perfect.Bailey's Mocha Milkshake 4
I noticed a problem as soon as  the Ninja handily blended my iced delight-I had made enough for two.  Perhaps, in my subconscious, I made too much intentionally.  Perhaps I just wasn’t paying attention and the extra ingredients just slipped in???  I can’t really say.  All I know is I couldn’t leave the extra portion now could I?    That would be wasteful.

Bailey's Mocha Milkshake 5

 Good to the last drop!




Bailey’s Mocha Milkshake {And A Giveaway}
  • ¾ cup Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 2 pints chocolate ice cream
  • 12 coffee ice cubes
  • Milk if necessary
  • Chocolate Syrup
  1. Freeze left over coffee in an ice cube tray.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a Ninja blender and blend until smooth, adding milk if necessary.
  3. Squeeze chocolate sauce onto the inside of your glass and rotate glass while you continue to squeeze the syrup, completely coating the inside of your glass. Pour milkshake and serve immediately.



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39 Responses

  1. Janette

    This recipe is awesome, and I would love to win the Ninja kitchen System!

  2. Rose

    I need to get the Bailey’s and try this recipe! Thank you for posting it!

  3. Lea

    This looks absolutely delicious! With or without the baileys. Chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven. Thank you!

  4. I want these!!! Badly! So amazing Tanya!

  5. That second one was for ME!!!!!!

  6. This looks amazing, Tanya! I’ll take 2 virgin shakes for myself too :)

  7. Milkshakes are always fun to make at home. Even better when you jazz them up a bit like this. Yum, yum!

  8. This is so much better than an afternoon latte at a certain coffee shop, Tanya. And to think, I’ve got both Bailey’s and chocolate ice cream, each looking for something to do. Hmmm … :)

    • What are you waiting for John! I think you need one of these!

  9. These look so good! And I love your mason jar cups with the lids – so cute!

  10. […] came together quickly with my  powerful Ninja food processor ( you could win one for yourself here)!  Side note, I am in LOVE with that food processor!  It came as part of the Ninja Kitchen System […]

    • I’m thrilled to be someones’ hero!

  11. Yes!! Freezing leftover coffee…..of course! We moms HAVE to treat ourselves and this is the perfect way to do so!!

    • Drinking a shake WHILE getting a manicure would be the perfect treat!

  12. This screams my name!! I WANT so badly right now, esp in this hot cali night!!

  13. cookingwithcurls

    Haha, I love that you made two…and that you drank both! That is awesome Tanya. Yes, we moms need to treat ourselves every once in a while. We are always worrying about everyone else and sometimes forget that we need some pampering too! :)

    • Some one had to Lisa! It was a nice treat just for me.

  14. OMG. These look so good, Tanya! I’d take one of these at 2 in the afternoon as well! Pinned!

    • Thank you for not making me feel guilty! But they were so good!

  15. Just wondering if you’d picked a winner yet. Thanks.

    • Yes I have, thanks for asking! The winner has been notified.

  16. Shawn

    I love Bailey’s, I also happen to have MS, and there is a saying, “No, I am not drunk I have MS,” b/c we stumble a lot. So I shared this FANTASTIC recipe with a few friends of mine who also have MS & said, now we can say, “Yes, I am drunk & I still have MS!” Laughter & Bailey’s is a good medicinal combination! LOL!

    • Bailey’s is good for anything and laughter is indeed the best medicine!!! Shawn, I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe as much as I did!

    • Thank you Rebecca, I think milkshakes are the best!

  17. Looks yummy! I just stumbled and pinned for you!


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