Guinness Milkshake

Beer in a milkshake?  You bet!

 Thick and hearty Guinness beer is blended with smooth Bailey’s Irish Cream, Creme de Menthe and creamy vanilla ice cream!

Guinness beer, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Creme de Menthe and vanilla ice cream make the perfect frozen, boozy concoction!

Every once in a while a unique recipe idea comes to mind and I think “eh, why not?”  Some things are successful, like these potato chip cookies.  Some, like this fudge are…not as successful.  But I enjoy the challenge no matter what the outcome may be.

Guinness draught, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Creme de Menthe blended with vanilla ice cream!

This milkshake is another one of my crazy concoctions.  I personally LOVE Guinness Beer.  Always have.  There is nothing quite like that full bodied stout; it’s thick, creamy and good to the very last drop.  Guinness reminds me of both chocolate and coffee, which is probably why I am particularly fond of this beer.  I find it irresistible.

Guinness beer, Irish cream, creme de menthe and vanilla ice cream-all things good!

After lunch the other day I noticed I had one last lonely can of Guinness.  It looked so sad sitting there by itself while all it’s buddies had long since been consumed.  Since it was the middle of the day, I couldn’t really pop it open to drink now could I?   No, but I could combine it with ice cream and call it dessert!  Naturally I didn’t stop there.  Seeing as how St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner, I made my milkshake festive by adding a bit of Bailey’s Irish Cream and a few drops of Creme de Menthe.   The result was one frosty minted treat!  If you tend to think Guinness is too bitter, get over it.  It works perfectly in this shake!  It adds extra body to the shake.  The vanilla ice cream keeps it creamy and sweet.

Guinness milkshake

A funny thing happened while I was slurping down my dessert.  I heard cows.  No, seriously, cows.  At first I thought to myself that perhaps my milkshake was a bit too strong (and slightly hallucinogenic).  Why else would I be hearing cows in my house?   Maybe I was drinking too much too quickly?  I mean this shake tasted GOOD!!  Evidently, a little too good.     I was convinced I was going insane and thought it best to lay off the milkshake.  Until I heard the cows again.  On the one hand, I was grateful for the noise because it meant I wasn’t a loon after all.  One the second hand, I still didn’t have an answer as to where the mysterious bovine sounds were coming from.  I circled around the kitchen; nothing.  I looped around through the dining room, the hallway and into the living room where I heard it clear as day.  And then I spotted my daughter’s Kindle and realized her Minecraft game had been left on to taunt me.

Moral of this story is make this Guinness milkshake ASAP but don’t drink it around electronics!


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Guinness Milkshake
  • 1.5 qt Vanilla ice cream
  • 1 14.9 oz can Guinness Beer
  • 2 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • ½ oz Crème de menthe
  • 2 tablespoons Andes Mint Baking Bits
  1. Scoop ice cream into a blender. Add in the liquid. Blend until creamy and frothy. Garnish with Andes Mint Baking Bits.
  2. Serves 2


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30 Responses

  1. This sounds amaaaaazing! Beer and ice cream? HECK YEAH!

  2. Guinness in the mornin’ – Guinness in the evenin’ – Guinness at suppah time – Wit’ Guinness in my milkshake? Well, that’s a whole new level!! Now I remember why I like you so much, Tanya!! I just asked my hubs if he would drink this if I made one……HUH? (excited) was his only response :)

    • Then get that man a Guinness milkshake asap!!! Thank you Kim!

    • I have to admit, it was heaven for me too!

  3. Ok, this sounds so interesting, I have to try it! I happened to have some Guinness in the fridge :)

  4. Yum. I love guinness and milk shakes what a great combination. I have to try this right away. I’ve pinned this too.

  5. I’m in love with this milkshake! What a GREAT combination of ingredients and flavors…..I seriously can’t wait to try it. As for the cows, I guess it’s nice to know you’re not alone…!?

  6. I’m sorta laughing about the cows because around this part of the country that wouldn’t seem abnormal to me! This looks like on perfect way to enjoy your guinness!

    • That’s too funny Julie. You’d hear cows and think it’s your neighbor!

    • I tend to agree, this would be good all year round! Thank you Jen!

  7. This milkshake looks so yummy, Tanya!! Pinned. Thanks for joining us at Marvelous Mondays

  8. I think food bloggers just collectively called their husbands to the computer to check out this milkshake, haha!

  9. Well you know I love your recipe concoction! It looks delicious :)

  10. Oh yum, that sounds amazing! My husband would totally love this! Stopping by to pin this and let you know I featured it on my blog today!

    • My husband didn’t even get to try it, I drank both! Thank you Jessi!

  11. I need this! Thanks for linking up with What’s Cookin’ Wednesday!

  12. […] love bourbon.  Not that I actually drink a lot of bourbon, unless it’s in a frothy, sweet milkshake that is.  I like to keep my favorite bottle handy because it is one of my favorite ingredients to […]


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