Meal Plans Made Simple #22

I’ll be honest, it’s been 110 degrees here lately….(ok not really but it’s felt like it was over 100 degrees here) and I haven’t felt like cooking let alone eating.  Do you get that way when it’s that hot?  If you do, good thing you have us!  This is a good meal plan!


Honey Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos via Chelsea's Messy Apron on Meal Plans Made Simple

{No Oven!!} Honey Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork Taquitos via Chelsea’s Messy Apron – The temperature here today was 9008756655°F. The less I am near the oven, the better. Plus you know I am SO down with Mexican-inspired foods all the time so these little taquitoes are feeling pretty happy.


Paunch Burger Recipe

Paunch Burgers via Sugar Dish Me – So… this is basically the opposite of diet food. But I have so much love for Leslie Knope, Andy Dwire, and Ron Swanson that I made a delicious sacrifice here. You don’t have to get all triple decker with it, but I HIGHLY recommend the fresh herbs and garlic in the hamburger meat. Plus there’s a garlic dill aioli happening here that is OUTSTANDING.

Snakebite Pasta; A 30-Minute Meal! via The Weary Chef on Meal Plans Made Simple

Snakebite Sausage Pasta via The Weary Chef – A little bit spicy, a LOT good, and ready in 30 minutes! I love a good 30-minute meal, you guys. Lifesavers.


Caprese Italian Sausage via Lemons for Lulu - Meal Plans Made Simple

Caprese Italian sausage via Lemons for Lulu – I love this idea! Totally a creative and summery way to serve up some fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and Italian sausage. PLUS this is another of those super simple fast meals. Do it.


Asian Chicken Quinoa via Lemon Tree Dwelling on Meal Plans Made Simple

Asian Chicken Quinoa Bowl via Lemon Tree Dwelling – I always like to include a salad or two each week and this one with all the oranges and scallions — I seriously can’t wait to make it!


Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza via Yummy Healthy Easy on Meal Plans Made Simple

Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza via Yummy Healthy Easy – Predictable alert! You know I will serve up pizza on the weekend reliably EVERY week, but look! A fancy twist! It’s grilled! Plus it’s a really fast meal. More lounging, less cooking. That’s my Saturday motto.


Chicken with Herbed Couscous via The Midnight Baker on Meal Plans Made Simple

Herbed Chicken Couscous via The Midnight Baker – Another awesome 30-minute meal! This one felt like a great Sunday Supper to me and I really love couscous. Yummmm.


Kahlua Mudslide Milkshakes

Sugar Dish Me and Lemons for Lulu partnered up with Kahlúa this summer to shake things up with their awesome coffee-flavored rum. This week we both made mudslides — check out the recipes by clicking the photos!

Kahlua Frozen Mudslide by Lemons for Lulu on Meal Plans Made Simple



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  1. This is an AWESOME meal plan!! Thanks so much for including my pizza! Have a great weekend, Tanya!!

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