{No More} Manic Monday Meal Plan- Cookie Edition

Can you believe it’s already December 16th??? The count down is on in my house!  I have so much to do  before Christmas!  There are cards to write, gifts to wrap and school parties to plan.   Plus I still have about 20 batches of cookies to make!  Crazy?  Yes, but it wouldn’t be Christmas without them!  In case you need to make 20 batches of cookies too, here are some of our favorites for inspiration:


Tiramisu Sandwich Cookies 1

Tiramisu Sandwich Cookies – Lemons for Lulu  Because everything is better with booze.
Chocolate-Covered-Peppermint-OreosChocolate Covered Peppermint Oreos – Sugar Dish Me   Cannot pass up an Oreo, especially one covered in chocolate!


Soft brownie cookies with peanut butter in the middle! www.lemonsforlulu.com Buckeye Brownie Cookies – Lemons for Lulu In case you don’t have time for buckeye balls!



Classic Peanut Butter Cookies – Sugar Dish Me They are a classic for a reason!


Red Velvet Cups with White Chocolate Amaretto Filing www.lemonsforlulu.com
Red Velvet Cookie Cups with White Chocolate Amaretto Filling – Lemons for Lulu.  Small food have no calories, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!



Double Chocolate Almond Sprinkled Cookies  – Sugar Dish Me Why settle for one kind of chocolate????


Ready made sugar cookie sought topped with white chocolate and peppermint candies! www.lemonsforlulu.com
White Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Cookie Pizza-Lemons for Lulu A simple dessert because life is complicated enough!



Truffle Frosted Shortbread – Sugar Dish Me Shortbread is quite possible the best cookie ever!


Soft and chewy brown sugar cookies with cinnamon chips! www.lemonsforlulu.com

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Cookies – Lemons for Lulu  Because cinnamon is the spice of life!



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  1. It’s one thing to see these cookies as individual posts, Tanya. It’s something completely different to see them in a round-up. All I can say is, “Wow!”

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