White Chocolate Espresso

A simple, sweetened twist on traditional espresso!

It's a dull, rainy Sunday.  Roxy, my Jack Russell doesn't even want to go outside.  She's been napping all day.  She's a smart dog.  I wish I could nap.  I cannot remember the last time I actually took a nap!  Probably 2008 when my youngest was born. I didn't have enough coffee today.  I find it difficult to speak when I haven't had a sufficient amount of caffeine.   Actually,  I can't form clear thoughts, let alone form actual speech. This … Continue reading →

Happy April Fools!


There are a few days of the year that really fill me with glee!  Christmas of course would be my number one day of the year.  I'm still very much a kid and just love Christmas!  I would say my birthday would be second, but since I'll be approaching 40, er I mean 35 (again), that one has moved to the back of the line!  Halloween is another fun-filled one and lastly I love April Fool's Day!  What other day of the year, can you pull silly little … Continue reading →