Cherry Chip Donuts

Simple cherry flavored donuts with chocolate chips.

  Since I'm a food blogger, I thought I'd share some foodie facts about me: 1.  My favorite cuisine is Greek.  I guess since my parents were born and raised in Greece, that better be my favorite!  I don't have a least favorite. 2. My favorite food that I rarely get to eat is sushi.  My least favorite food that I make sure I never eat is liver and onions. 3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spicy food.  I'm not big on sweet and sour food. 4. … Continue reading →

Cinnamon Glazed Maple Donuts

Cinnamon Glazed Maple Donuts

    I had a very important discovery this weekend.  There are three things my family cannot live without (in no particular order) tv, internet and underwear. We moved out of our house on Thursday.  We all watched as the gigantic moving truck drove off with most of our beloved possessions.  The plan was to have everything delivered to the new house the very next day.  We'd be getting our furniture,  phone, cable, internet … Continue reading →

S’Mores Chocolate Donut

SMores Donut

Alas I have another s'mores donut for you.  This one is much more decadent.  You may remember my Donut S'More Sandwich.  You know, the glazed donut embracing sweet milk chocolate and gooey marshmallows????  Well this one is better! Today is National S'Mores Day.  Don't know who decides these things.  Is there a committee?  Or was this one left up to the Girl Scouts??  Guess I don't care.  Why not celebrate the s'more!  It's about as American … Continue reading →