An easy vegetable soup with pasta and homemade meatballs that will have your family asking for seconds!

Easy Vegetable Soup with Meatballs

An easy vegetable soup with pasta and homemade meatballs that will have your family asking for seconds!

This easy vegetable soup with its flavorful meatballs will have your family running to the table! Over the course of the last eleven years I have done an extensive amount of non-scientific research on the exact soups that kids will eat.  I know for certain kids will eat Italian Beef and Pepperoni soup with a fair amount of zeal and I know for a fact that chicken soup with orzo is very pleasing to maturing palates.  I have also discovered nothing clears out a kitchen quite like vegetable soup. It doesn't matter that my kids like vegetables or that they eat them every day, something about the word vegetable in conjunction with the word soup sends kids into a tizzy.  Like any good researcher, once I discover the problem I feel the need to … Continue reading →

Fresh raspberries and crunchy toasted hazelnuts grace this simple Dutch baby! Enjoy this for breakfast, brunch or dessert! #IDelight #Ad

Raspberry Hazelnut Dutch Baby

If you've never tried a Dutch baby, now is your chance!  Pancakes and crepes collide in this easy dish. Fresh raspberries and toasted hazelnuts turn this Dutch baby into dessert! Each December I get so sick of cookies and chocolate, I vow I'll never eat a single piece ever again.  Like all other optimistic resolution makers I skipped off to the gym in the beginning of January.  I've been really good so far.  I've powered up each morning with … Continue reading →

An easy roasted chicken recipe for any cook and for any night of the week! The best part is with roasted chicken you can cook once, eat twice!

Roasted Chicken Recipe

This easy roasted chicken recipe will let you cook once and eat twice!  It's perfect for leftovers! I used to fear roasted chicken.  I always felt like those who knew how to roast a chicken were in some elite club.  They were the ones who could effortlessly roast a big fat turkey too.  I wanted to be part of that club, but was too intimidated to try.  Then one day I decided to stop wallowing in my self-pity.  I needed to get over my roast … Continue reading →

This easy ravioli lasagna will have dinner on the table quickly! Meat filled ravioli and a simple homemade spinach marinara sauce make this meal perfect for any night of the week.

Spinach and Ravioli Lasagna

Ravioli lasagna is layered with a homemade spinach marinara sauce for a fun, quick take on a traditional dish! For 13 years my husband has been telling me he doesn't like cooked spinach.  For 13 years I've obliged him.  I've been adding spinach to the end of my cook time in soups so that it stays vibrant and fresh and I've been serving it up in dips and patty melts because we all know cheese will make anything taste better. The problem is I … Continue reading →

Fall in love with the creamy, cool and smooth red velvet gelato. It will make you melt!

Red Velvet Cheesecake Gelato

Creamy smooth red velvet gelato will make you melt! I love the word "gelato".  It’s like you are French kissing the air. G-E-L-A-T-O.  Feel how your tongue hits the roof of your mouth?  It's a seductive little word.  There is nothing seductive about the word "ice cream".  Ice C-R-E-A-M makes you smile.  Your mouth spreads into a little grin each time you say those two words. You eat gelato in a dimly lit restaurant with checkered table … Continue reading →

Horseradish gives this dip a little kick! Crispy bacon and creamy white cheddar cheese make it positevly addicting!

Horseradish Bacon Dip

Horseradish adds just the right amount of flair to this bacon, white cheddar dip! I have made a variation of this dip about 4,372 times since the beginning of November.  This is the first time I added horseradish, however, and now I cannot go back.  I cannot un-taste that intensely pungent flavor that only horseradish can deliver.  I'm hooked and that is that. My goal now is to make all of you horseradish addicts.  Don't get me wrong, no … Continue reading →

Sausage & Kale Pesto Pizza is fresh and light. It’s a quick weeknight meal that will leave your belly feeling happy and satisfied!

Sausage & Kale Pesto Pizza

Homemade kale pesto, spicy Italian sausage and bright yellow tomatoes turn this easy pizza into an extraordinary meal! Each Saturday I brave the over crowded and seemingly overpriced grocery store to do my job as family "hunter and gatherer".  Aside from the crowds and the depressing food bill, I enjoy these trips.  I love piling my cart full of ingredients that have the possibility of becoming terrific meals like this creole chili or this … Continue reading →

Red Velvet Chocolate Steamer is thick and rick with lots chocolate taste and that signature red velvet hue. Perfect for warm, cozy evenings!

Red Velvet Chocolate Steamer

A luxuriously creamy chocolate steamer with a red velvet twist! I had no intentions of posting a Valentine's day recipe this early.  I was still coming off a gum-drop and candy cane high when I walked into my local grocery store and noticed what used to be Christmas had quickly been reduced to a clearance bin.  The bin was pathetic; broken candy canes, ragged tinsel and generic holiday movies no one cares to watch were all crammed inside. I … Continue reading →

Provolone cheese wraps around an easy olive salad for a Big Easy taste in a tasty grilled cheese.

Muffuletta Grilled Cheese Recipe

This muffuletta grilled cheese recipe has creamy melted provolone cheese and an easy olive salad tucked inside. Throughout all my pregnancies, I held the belief that when it came to food, I should have whatever I wanted.  I admit, I sort of used this as an excuse to over eat.  I am usually a very controlled eater, so I always took eating for two very literally. I remember during my first pregnancy, my husband and I went on a dinner cruise. … Continue reading →