Cinnamon Roll Peach Turnovers

Cinnamon roll dough filled with sweet with a touch of almond!

You've never tasted a turnover quite like this! Cinnamon roll dough is filled with a sweet peach filling and drizzled with an almond glaze! Disclosure: I received compensation from Almond Breeze for recipe development purposes. All opinions are my own. For more Almond Breeze recipes, click here. The best part of waking up is NOT Folger's in your cup.  That is caffeinated propaganda.  The best part of waking up is smelling these easy cinnamon roll turnovers baking up in your kitchen! Now that's an aroma worth waking up to. I have to admit, I'm really proud of this recipe.  I've had a lone cinnamon roll tube sitting in my refrigerator for months now.  I knew I would use it for something other than cinnamon rolls but I wasn't exactly sure what it would be.  Cinnamon rolls are … Continue reading →

Coconut Key Lime Trifle

Key Lime Trifle  FB-2

This coconut key lime trifle is a cool, creamy no bake dessert! I don't know about you, but bbq's and potlucks make me over eat.  Not only is the food plentiful, but it always seems to taste so good.  There is something about summer time that makes food taste better.  I have to taste every single dish available, I mean it would be rude not to! I start with appetizers of course.  Cocktail meatballs, chips, dip and the like.  It's all down hill … Continue reading →

Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This lettuce wrap is such an easy recipe! Soy and ginger glazed chicken is surrounded by bibb lettuce and topped with chopped cucumber, shredded carrots and spicy Srirach almonds!

Lettuce wraps with garlicky chicken, crisp veggies and spicy almonds! Eating with your hands has never been so good! I'm pleased to have partnered with Blue Diamond Almonds to bring you this original recipe. As a parent, you know it is your job to raise happy, healthy, well rounded children.  You are active in their education, you socialize them by arranging playdates and activities and you drive them all over the city to get them to … Continue reading →

Spumoni Poke Cake

Chocolate poke cake filled with a cherry syrup and chocolate then topped with a creamy cherry topping! Pistachio nuts are sprinkled over top.

Chocolate cake with pockets of sweet cherry syrup is topped with cherry whipped cream and crunchy pistachios!  This Spumoni poke cake is a simple crowd pleaser! I have high expectations when it comes to my dining experiences.  We don't go out to eat often, but when we do I want the food I'm served to taste good!  No, wait, not just good but exceptional.  Especially when I actually find my way into an upscale restaurant.  I know that is asking … Continue reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Frozen Treats

A collection of tried and true frosty treats!

With the first official day of summer here, I think an ultimate guide to frozen treats is appropriate!   When I was a kid, summer wasn't complete until we went to the corner dairy stop to get a large soft serve cone (chocolate and vanilla swirl with lots of chocolate jimmies!).  The ice cream would drip down my hand, my arm and cover my chin.  That was all part of the experience.  It wouldn't matter though, because the sprinkler … Continue reading →

Blackberry Mojito

Mojitos made with plump blackberries and fresh mint leaves are simple and absolutely refreshing!

Fresh mint and blackberries make this mojito delicious and refreshing! My mom and sisters have HUGE green thumbs.  They can literally place a stick in the ground and it will grow into a majestic tree.  I on the other hand, have the thumb of death.  I kill everything I lay my eyes upon.  I'm not kidding.  Last year my mom gifted me a gorgeously fragrant, mature basil plant.  "All you have to do is water it" she says.  I swear I watched that … Continue reading →

Mini Grilled Stuffed Peppers

Mini stuffed peppers are grilled just until soft and the two kinds of cheese stuffed inisde begin to bubble! Each pepper is loaded with kale, cheese and bacon! #ChoppedAtHome

These grilled stuffed peppers are filled with cheese, bacon and kale. They make for a fun appetizer or tasty side dish! My family's biggest guilty pleasure is watching Chopped.  We love to watch all those talented chefs transform food from the impossible into gorgeously creative and cohesive dishes!  That show always leaves me inspired and amazed. By the end of the show, one of my kids always blurts out that they think I should be on … Continue reading →

Grilled Pineapple with Mascarpone Whipped Cream

Easy Grilled Pineapple is sweet and delicious! Serve it with a simple mascarpone whipped cream!

Sometimes the simplest desserts are the best!  This easy, no bake dessert features juicy pineapple that is grilled until it is tender and ultra sweet. It's served with a simple mascarpone whipped cream. I love baked goods. Cupcakes, cookies an brownies really make my heart flutter.  But when it's 900 degrees outside, I cannot muster up the energy to bake one single cookie.  But since we are dessert addicts in this household, going without … Continue reading →

Pineapple Mango Grilled Mahi Mahi Salad

A simple grilled mahi mahi salad with the tropical flavors of pineapples and mangos!

A smoky sweet salad with sweet grilled mahi mahi, grilled romaine lettuce and a creamy jalapeno dressing! Thank you Morey’s Seafood International for partnering with me and allowing me to create this original recipe!   Every once in a while you have a recipe that snow balls. You may only have one ingredient in mind but before long you start to layer more and more components until the recipe seems to have a life all its own. That’s what … Continue reading →