Mint Chocolate Cookies-3

Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies

Mint Chocolate Cookies-3

Rich chocolate mint cookies hugging a luscious and creamy mint filling! These chocolate mint cookies will pick you up when you are having a bad day.  It’s the mint I think, it seems to be mood enhancing.  I’m sure someone did a study somewhere.  These chocolate mint cookies are exactly what I needed after my last hair cut.  It’s not that I got a bad cut, it’s just that I walked out of the salon a little poorer and much more deflated.  I’ll explain. I’m not very good at makeup, hair or fashion.  I enjoy all those things, however I don’t know what to do with any of them.  I barely know how to dress myself, let alone dress up an outfit!  Lately I’ve been feeling as though I really need to spruce myself up.  Perhaps it’s the holidays or … Continue reading →

Cranberry sauce is fresh and sweet with a subtle hint of spice! Chipotles, honey and orange juice round out the flavors in this vibrant dish!

Honey Chipotle Cranberry Sauce (Turkey Burgers)

Smokey chipotle peppers and sweet honey come together in this cranberry sauce! It’s quick, easy and bursting with flavor! My family and I had the privilege of meeting a couple of celebrities.  Who are these celebrities, you ask?  They were two plump turkeys from Cooper Farms.  Yes my friends, we had the pleasure of meeting this year’s pardoned turkeys.  Not everyone can say they’ve met a famous turkey: I can officially say I met two! I have … Continue reading →

Fluffy angel biscuits studded with cheddar cheese, bacon and ranch seasoning!

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Angel Biscuits

These angel biscuits are so light and flakey! Each biscuit is studded with cheddar cheese, bacon and flavored with ranch seasoning!     It’s so hard being a make believe person.  Between the toothfairy, the Elf, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, I’m just worn out.  I have no more good ideas, no inspiration, no originality.  It’s rough. I bring this up because my youngest just lost her first tooth.  Somehow along the way my older kids … Continue reading →

Giveaway Collage

Favorite Things Giveaway (And a Few of My Favorite Things)

Enter to win three $25 Gift Cards!     I am so excited to be participating in this Favorite Things Giveaway!!  It’s just in time for the holidays.  I am going to spend my day going through everyone’s posts in search of the perfect gift ideas for me...I mean for my family!   If you were to ask me what products I absolutely love, today I would list everything here: 1. The Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans -  I never … Continue reading →

This easy strata recipe is hearty enough for any meal of the day! #pantryinsiders

Easy Breakfast Strata Recipe

This easy breakfast strata recipe is a rich and hearty way to start the day! I am honored to have partnered with Pompeiian as a #PantryInsider.  This original recipe and my opinions are all my own. I hadn't given Black Friday much of a thought until I got a preview of Target's sales circular.  I saw one phenomenal deal and now I'm totally obsessed.  Now I must have these Beats by Dr. Dre headphones at the price listed on the … Continue reading →

Gingerbread Cupcakes-4

Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes

<" alt="alt description" /> Perfect gingerbread latte buttercream swirled over rich chocolate mocha cupcakes! I’ve been in the mood for Christmas for months now.  I think the mood first hit back in July when I walked into Hobby Lobby and was struck by all their lit up Christmas trees.  It was a big red and green reminder that Christmas is ONLY … Continue reading →

The modern day spanakopita! Spinach and feta are the filling to this buttery, flakey phyllo pie.

Spanakopita (Quick and Easy)

The modern spanakopita! This version still has the buttery, flakey phyllo with a cheese and spinach filling but it takes a fraction of the time to prepare. I grew up in a household without a bread basket on the dinner table.  Instead, we had spanakopita.  As a young kid, I had no choice but to like spinach.   My mom would painstakingly make super thin layers of dough for her spanakopita or "pita" as we call it.  The entire process would take … Continue reading →

A light and fluffy snickerdoodle cookie is the base for the pie that is adorned with a creamy layer of pumpkin pie!

Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Pie

A snickerdoodle cookie with a layer of pumpkin pie! This might sound incredibly un-American, but pumpkin pie might be my least favorite pie.  No wait, mincemeat, now that's my least favorite pie.  I do love pumpkin however.  I love it in cookies, lattes and mixed into cake, but not pie.  Pumpkin pie should I put this; boring.  It’s very, very boring, which is why I never make it at home. I don't give pumpkin pie a second thought … Continue reading →

Candied Almonds mixed with pumpkin pie spice, cinnamn and sugar; the perfect fall snack!

Pumpkin Pie Spice Candied Almonds

Candied Almonds coated in sugar, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice!  Sweet snacking for any occasion! There are certain places that have distinctive smells associated with them.  You cannot step foot in a movie theater without being accosted by the buttery scent of popcorn.  The air around any state fair is often thick with the aroma of fried food, and baseball games are filled with the scent of beer, hot dogs and soft pretzels.  Food smells, … Continue reading →