Italian Style Stuffed Peppers is flavorful twist in a classic dish! So easy to prepare and incredibly flavorful!

Italian Style Stuffed Peppers

Italian Sausage and Orzo give a flavorful spin to traditional stuffed peppers! We experienced our first serious winter storm in these here parts.  Boston would laugh at our snowfall, but  to us it was massive.  It was big enough to incite panic all around the city.  Schools were shut down all week, food was flying off the shelves in the grocery stores and there were lines at the gas pumps. This is what we do around here.  We have this fearful … Continue reading →

Cheesy Cajun Pasta starts with a box, but with peppers, andouille sausage and beans, you end up with a family pleasing, quick cooking meal!

Cheesy Cajun Pasta

This easy Cajun pasta starts with boxed mac and cheese, but ends with happy belly's guaranteed! Being mom means you have to be willing to make sacrifices.  Once you bring home your soft, sweet-smelling baby, you will sacrifice your sleep, your privacy, your "me" time, your date nights, your tastes, your time, and your energy.  You will watch more Dora The Explorer than you ever imagined and you will do it happily.  You will willingly … Continue reading →

Garlic & Pepper Feta Hamburger Recipe is the juiciest flavor-packed burger you’ve ever had!

Garlic & Pepper Feta Hamburger Recipe

This will be your new favorite hamburger recipe!   Juicy beef patties are filled with parsley and feta cheese and topped with a piquant garlic & pepper topping! There is one restaurant that our family frequents over and over again.  They have the best hamburgers in town and I truly cannot get enough of them.  I cannot resist a good hamburger recipe yet I rarely make hamburgers at home.  Well, that's not an entirely true statement, I DO … Continue reading →

Cardamom Orange Muffins are bursting with fresh citrus taste! The cardamom keeps a subtle spice in the background, the orange glaze and the citrus sugar keep it sweet and refreshing!

Cardamom Orange Muffins

Fresh and citrusy orange muffins with a sweet orange glaze and just a hint of cardamom. I love muffins for breakfast.  Why wouldn't I?  Muffins are essentially cupcakes in disguise.  This probably explains why I avoid any muffin that contains bran, whole wheat or raisins.  If I wanted any of those things, I'd just eat a bowl of oatmeal.  I personally do not want to be reminded of oatmeal when I bite into a muffin.  I want soft, tender, cake … Continue reading →

This southwestern chicken stew is pure comfort food; with chunks of chicken, black beans, corn and green chilies. It’s sure to warm you up and fill you up! #MazolaCornOil

Southwestern Chicken Stew

This quick cooking chicken stew is perfect for those cold nights when you need a bowl of good food to warm you up. I love Ohio unless it's winter.  Then I sort of hate Ohio.  All those cold, gray days; they make you want to cry.  Ohio winters make me jealous of bears.  They have the right idea, hide all winter in a warm, cozy den and then come out to party in the spring.  That's what I'd prefer to do.  Instead I’m stuck with chronically cold … Continue reading →

Quinoa chili verde is filling and satisfying with it’s smoky vegetables, flavorful pork and healthy quinoa!

Quinoa Chili Verde

Tomatillos and poblanos make the "verde" in this easy quinoa chili!   Ground pork and a unique blend of spices add depth and flavor! My husband is on his first mission trip. While I am happy for him and incredibly proud of him, this is the longest (and farthest) we've been apart.  Because of distance and lack of Wi-Fi (gasp!) we haven't been able to communicate as I had hoped. It all feels so surreal. I have never felt such disconnect from … Continue reading →

Chili Cilantro Tilapia Recipe with a bold and flavorful sauce that will knock your socks off!

Chili Cilantro Tilapia Recipe

This tilapia recipe is bold and a bit spicy.   Between the chili sauce and the cumin dusted fish, this meal is all about flavor! I like to think that I'm a real adventurous mom.  You know the kind that picks up frogs, hunts down turtles and digs up worms.  But the truth is I hate those things.  I don't hate the creatures, just the creature extraction.  I wasn't a really an adventurous kid so I don't know why I thought I'd be an adventurous … Continue reading →

This tex mex hush puppy recipe is so fun and easy; one bite and you will be hooked! Don’t forget the buttermilk ranch dipping sauce!

Tex Mex Hush Puppy Recipe

This hush puppy recipe will knock your socks off with it’s bold, tex mex flavor! I am of the belief that all teenagers should spend some time working in the fast food industry.  Seriously, you learn so much working in those types of restaurants.  You learn responsibility, patience, tolerance and humility.  You also learn the best shampoos and soaps to use to extract the greasy restaurant smell from your skin and hair.  Pretty darn important … Continue reading →

Oven roasted pork tenderloin is served with a simple, tangy and sweet balsamic fig sauce

Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Fig Sauce

Simple oven roasted pork tenderloin with the loveliest balsamic fig sauce you've ever tasted! I grew up in a household where dried figs were treated as though they came directly from the gods.  My mom would swoon every time she ate one.  I never shared her enthusiasm.  To me, they always seemed like raisins on steroids.  I have a deep disdain for raisins. I dabbled in Fig Newtons, that's as close as I could come to eating a dried fig.  But … Continue reading →