Salad with Black Beans and Edamame

Black beans, corn, garbanzo beans and edamame are tossed with a southwestern flavored vinaigrette!

This post was sponored by Cans Get You Cooking.  I’m happy to be partnered to bring you unique and delicious recipes! #cansgetyoucooking A simple salad with black beans, garbanzo beans, corn and edamame!  Three bean salad takes on a whole new meaning! I never liked eating beans when I was a kid.  It wasn’t until I started cooking for myself that I realized how much I love beans, just not the kinds my mom had served.  I love black beans, … Continue reading →

Key Lime Sugar Cookies

Mini frosted sugar cookies made with fresh key limes

These key lime sugar cookies are tangy and sweet!  The soft and tender sugar cookie and the creamy frosting make a delicious bite sized key lime treat!   I’m not a huge fan of pie.  A good berry pie certainly has a place in my heart, but to be frank, I tend to snub my nose at any other flavor of pie.  I just do not gravitate towards cake’s flakey cousin.  Pie is a second rate dessert in my humble opinion.  It’s good in a pinch but … Continue reading →

Meal Plans Made Simple #24

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!  I know must of you will be having bbq's and picnics.  If not I hope you are out doing something fun!  I'll be celebrating my birthday with lots of fireworks!   MONDAY Margarita Chicken tacos via Love Bakes Good Cakes - I am loving these pretty tacos! For the rainbow colors, the fresh lime flavor, and of course, the tequila! … Continue reading →

Grilled Chicken Recipe with Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

Grilled Chicken breast coated in Jamaican Jerk seasoning

 This grilled chicken recipe is flavored with a simple Jamaican jerk seasoning.  The perfect way to put a little zing into your dinner!   I have a love hate relationship with dinner.  I love to cook, but I don’t enjoy those chaotic nights where I’m scrambling to find something to cook.  I love serving home cooked meals to my family, but I hate trying to please each individual palate.  Some nights all the decisions make my head spin. … Continue reading →

BLT Tortellini Salad

BLT tortellini salad comes together so easily! It’s made with a simple Greek yogurt dressing and has lots of fresh tomatoes!

This post has been sponored by SocialStars #WalmartProduce.   I’m honored to be partnered to bring you these tasty recipes! This tortellini salad is tossed with a Greek yogurt dressing, bacon, lettuce and tomato!  Perfect BBQ food! There is nothing quite like a homegrown tomato is there?  I remember plucking juicy beef steak tomatoes right from my mom’s garden when I was a kid.  I’d bite right into them like they were apples.  I’d sprinkle a … Continue reading →

Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast

Thick french bread stuffed with fresh strawberries and sweeteend cream cheese for the best french toast ever!

This strawberry cheesecake french toast is worthy of a special occasion but easy enough for every day! I have a birthday coming up.  Usually when a special occasion rolls around like a birthday or Mother’s day, my kids offer to make me breakfast and serve it in bed.  This offer is genuine and incredibly kind, but I have yet to take them up on it.  There is something about eating in the same place I sleep that makes my skin crawl.  Literally. … Continue reading →

Sweet and Spicy Grilled Ham, Pineapple and Cheese

Sweet and spicy ham and pineapple grilled cheese!

Pineapple takes center stage in this spicy grilled ham and cheese! I cannot pinpoint exactly when I decided to added a little sweetness to my savory dishes.  But I’ve certainly become obsessed with it.   In the past several months I've combined smoky pork with the sweetness of pineapple, plump blueberries with basil,  and tart cherries on pizza.  And I’m just getting warmed up!  I think by combining the sweet and the savory all in one dish, … Continue reading →

Meal Plans Made Simple #23


I'm so sad.  It's the end of our family vacation.  I've managed to avoid doing dishes for a whole week!  But as the saying goes, all things must come to an end.  Back to the kitchen, the dishes and of course the cooking!  At least I have a meal  plan!   Monday Taco Turkey Burger - Rachel Cooks.  I'm moving taco night to Mondays! Tuesday  Tortellini and Chicken Skillet - Roxanna's Home … Continue reading →

Blueberry Coffee Cake with Coconut Streusel

Light and tender coffee cake filled with lots of fresh blueberries and topped with a toasted coconut streusel.

A tender coffee cake with lots of fresh blueberries and the most perfect coconut streusel!   I don’t remember how old I was when I first learned to ride a bike.  I do remember my dad teaching me at the baseball fields at school.  I can even remember the moment he let go and I realized I was going it alone.  The strange thing is, I never really learned how to break to stop the bike.  That information is quite embarrassing and I’m not … Continue reading →