You won’t be able to stop with just one crispy onion ring! The bbq spiced rings are tender on the inside but crunchy on the outside. The blue cheese sauce is the perfect dip!

Crispy Onion Rings with Blue Cheese Sauce

Crispy onion rings couldn't be easier to enjoy at home!   Buttermilk and spicy flour will coat and season these onions perfectly.  The blue cheese sauce is the perfect place to dunk them! I wish I could recall the first time I decided to try an onion ring.  I would love to have seen my own face.  I bet I was surprised by how delicious they actually were.  That first serving of crispy onion rings must have been something special because they … Continue reading →

Ripe bananas and brown sugar doctore up a yellow cake mix. Whipped cream and toffee bits adoren the top!

Banana Toffee Poke Cake

 This Banana Toffee Poke Cake is a simple dessert that will impress everyone!  Your family and friends will request it all the time!   I'm excited to be sharing this recipe with you.  This is my very first poke cake and I certainly hope it's not my last!  I never realized how deliciously simple poke cakes were and the combinations are seemingly endless. The idea for this flavor combination hit me months ago when I was dining out with … Continue reading →

This Jamaican jerk chicken dip is tangy, creamy and all together delicious! It’s everything you could want in a dip!

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Dip

Get your dip on with this saucy, flavorful Jamaican jerk chicken dip! My 6-year-old recently attended a friend's birthday party.  The party was only two hours long and it was held at the birthday girl's home.  I could tell as I was walking my daughter to the door that she was nervous and hesitant.  She was a little concerned about what other girls would be there.  Will she know them? Will she get along with them?  What if they don't like her? … Continue reading →

This vanilla coconut ice box cake is light and absolutley dreamy! A no bake treat that tastes purely decadent! #IDelight @InDelight

Vanilla Coconut Ice Box Cake

This simple ice box cake features light and creamy coconut filling that is resting between layers of graham crackers.  This no-bake dessert couldn't be easier! I have been wanting to try my hand at an ice box cake for quite some time.  Having a cake made with graham crackers that sets up in the refrigerator is quite intriguing.  As I set out to make this simple cake however, it struck me how old-fashioned the word "ice box" actually is.  I am … Continue reading →

These Buffalo shrimp deviled eggs will be a hit wherever they go! The spicy shrimp are tamed by the tang blue cheese filling. Time to rethink the way you do deviled eggs! #OhioEggRoll

Buffalo Shrimp Deviled Eggs

Forget what you know about deviled eggs!  These deviled eggs have a real kick!   Spicy Buffalo shrimp rests atop a tangy egg for a fun appetizer!  Deviled eggs are such a classic appetizer.  Think of all the potlucks, family reunions and Easter brunches that you've attended over the years.  How many times have you seen deviled eggs at these events?  See, they are as American as apple pie. Most often deviled eggs are simple.  Simple is good, … Continue reading →

Linguini is tossed with a light and creamy lemon sauce. Lightly seared turkey is served on top. This lemon pasta is a refreshingly simple meal.

Creamy Lemon Pasta

This lemon pasta is light and creamy. Just a few ingredients is all it takes to put together a refreshingly simple meal! Can I be the first to say that I cannot believe it's time to start thinking about bathing suits?  I for one am not ready.  Although, I really won't be able to put off the inevitable much longer.  I can hardly walk into a Target without the reality of summer smacking me in the face. I am both fascinated and envious by … Continue reading →

Sweet potato hash with salmon and eggs is the perfect meal for breakfast OR dinner!

Sweet Potato Hash with Salmon and Eggs

This sweet potato hash features perfectly seasoned salmon and delicately poached eggs.  This dish makes a hearty breakfast or dinner, you decide! My family has a pajama obsession.   My kids will stay in their pajamas all day if I let them.  I love my pajamas too, but by the time 11:00 am. rolls around, I feel sort of gross being in them.  Mentally I cannot mix my night-time habits with my day time habits. My kids would happily eat dinner in … Continue reading →

Need an afternoon pick me? This easy almond iced coffee float is all you need! Brewed coffee, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chocolate and coffee ice cream are all that stand between you and happiness! #ad

Almond Iced Coffee Float

Almond milk, iced coffee and coffee ice cream come together for this perfect chilled pick me up! It's funny the way the weather plays tricks with our minds.  For months it seems we've felt nothing but bitter cold.  The kind of cold that deeply penetrates your bones and makes you feel as though you will never come through the other side of winter.  No matter what you do you cannot shake the chill that inhabits your body.  You layer, you light … Continue reading →

Chocolate wafer crust is filled with a boozy Irish cream filling and topped with a perfectly smooth and thick chocolate ganache.

Irish Cream Mint Chocolate Tart

A simple chocolate crust is filled with a creamy, minted Irish cream filling and topped with a thick chocolate ganache. I have great neighbors.  I am surrounded by the kind of people who watch over your house while you travel, drive your kids to school if you are in a pinch, check on your pets, shovel your drive and come get your unwanted pie.  I am so lucky. I found myself with an abundance of dessert last week.  I had to send out an urgent … Continue reading →