Candied Almonds mixed with pumpkin pie spice, cinnamn and sugar; the perfect fall snack!

Pumpkin Pie Spice Candied Almonds

Candied Almonds coated in sugar, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice!  Sweet snacking for any occasion! There are certain places that have distinctive smells associated with them.  You cannot step foot in a movie theater without being accosted by the buttery scent of popcorn.  The air around any state fair is often thick with the aroma of fried food, and baseball games are filled with the scent of beer, hot dogs and soft pretzels.  Food smells, … Continue reading →

Turkey sandwiches get and update with these spicy sweet wraps!

Cranberry Turkey Wraps

These turkey wraps are like eating Thanksgiving in a sammie! A spicy cranberry spread make these wraps taste sensational! Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away.   It's time to start thinking about what to serve. Will you make stuffing on the side or in the bird?  Or wait is that dressing?  That always confuses me.  Will you serve mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes?   Sweet potato casserole with or without marshmallows?  Are you a green bean … Continue reading →

Holiday Baking Giveaway Horizontal Graphic

Big Holiday Giveaway

Well my friends, it's the season for giving.  Soon we will be giving thanks and shortly thereafter, we'll be giving gifts.  The holiday season has officially begun.  I'm celebrating the beginning of November with a big giveaway!  This giveaway is part of a blog hop. Be sure to visit all my friends for holiday inspired ideas.  You'll see over 4o holiday recipes!           What's up for grabs? 1 … Continue reading →

Garlic pasta is rich and creamy with bits of chicken and flavorful roasted garlic!

Roasted Garlic Pasta with Chicken

This baked garlic pasta is sure to be a crowd pleaser!  It’s rich and creamy and will leave everyone reaching for seconds. The best thing about this garlic pasta is that it's made with roasted garlic.  Roasted garlic is truly dreamy.  If you've never tried it, you will have to trust me.  After sitting in the oven, the garlic becomes soft and creamy with a super intense flavor.  Who needs butter for bread when you can smear on creamy roasted … Continue reading →

This easy potato soup uses mashed potatoes! Perfect for those Thanksgiving leftovers!

Easy Potato Soup (Iowa Corn Quest 2014 Recap)

This easy potato soup will get dinner on the table in minutes!  Start with left over mashed potatoes and finish with a happy belly! I am a city girl.  My family never had land growing up.  There was never the need for tractors or other equipment.  I’ve never been around lots of chickens, never raised goats or rode horses.  Instead I had fence lines, neighbors so close you could practically see into their house, a school within walking distance … Continue reading →

Cheddar cheese is the side kick to the intensely sweet apple butter in these easy scones! Cheddar and apples really are the perfect pair!

Cheddar Apple Butter Scones

Cheddar cheese and apple butter are a perfect pair!  Try them together in these easy to make scones! I do not like costume parties.  They just aren’t my thing.  I know other people love getting dressed up and that is fine for them.  I’m not here to judge.   I suppose I do see how having an alter ego for one evening could be appealing.   With all the costumes available, you could literally be anything you wanted to be.  Unless of course, you … Continue reading →

2nd blogiversary graphic

Big Giveaway Day!

One of the most rewarding things I've experienced through blogging is getting to discover new places and meeting new people.  There are bloggers I talk to every day and when I get to meet them in person, I feel so blessed and so honored. One of those bloggers that I feel so fortunate to have met is Julianne from Beyond Frosting.  She has a gorgeous dessert blog whose mission is to help the average or novice baker make extraordinary desserts. … Continue reading →

This fried chicken sandwich is amazing! It has loads of flavor and is so juicy and moist. You will not believe the surprise ingredient!

Crispy Chicken Sandwich Recipe

This chicken sandwich recipe will make your mouth sing!  The chicken tenders are lightly fried, highly seasoned and taste sensational! I tend to avoid frying food at home.  I could sit here and pretend I’m uber health conscious and spout off the benefits of baked food versus fried food, but that’s not why avoid frying food at home.  I’d be lying to you if I said I never eat fried food, because I do.  I love real southern fried chicken, and … Continue reading →

These chocolate peanut butter brownies are sinfully decadent. Lots of rich chocolate, peanut butter and peanut butter cups are crammed into these brownies. A thick and creamy chocolate frosting is layered on top! #hometailgate

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

These decadent chocolate and peanut butter brownies will steal the show at any tailgaiting party! Want to get in on some tailgaiting fun?  Be sure to visit the Tailgate At Your Place sweepstakes website for more details! Each sport has it’s own special type of fan.  Whether it’s hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, or football, fans show their love for the game in such unique ways.  There is one fan trait that all sports share, the fan … Continue reading →