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by Lulu | 10th OCT 2021

Healthy Classic Minestrone Soup Recipe

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You’re going to love this easy Italian Minestrone Soup Recipe.

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– Olive oil – Yellow onion – Cannellini beans – Crushed tomato – Fresh parsley – Zucchini – Short pasta (any pasta will do- including gluten-free) – Celery – Carrots – Garlic – Vegetable broth – Kale – Fresh thyme – Bay leaves – Salt – Black pepper – Green beans – Dried oregano

INGREDIENTS for Italian Minestrone Soup Recipe

In a large pot, add your chopped carrots and saute’ for a couple of minutes

Add in the chopped garlic.

Add in the chopped celery, and saute until soft.

Chop your zucchini into half-moon-looking pieces and add them to the pot, stirring until the zucchini is soft.

Add in the fresh and dried herbs, the roughly chopped kale leaves, crushed tomato, short pasta, green beans, and vegetable broth.

Let the pot simmer for about 20-25 minutes or until the pasta is tender.

Serve the soup warm into individual serving bowls.