Steak Salad with Avocado Dressing

Pan seared steak rests on a spinach salad loaded with goodness! A simple avocado dressing finishes it all off!

A simply seasoned steak is cooked to taste, then placed atop a spinach salad that is piled high with quinoa, corn, black beans and radishes.   A creamy avocado dressing tops it all off! Writing my baby shower post from yesterday  got me thinking about when my own kids were born.  I have been reminiscing about what it was like to go from zero kids to one, then two, then three and how my parenting has changed along the way. Frankly, I’m … Continue reading →

Green Goddess Dip

Easy light dip made with avocados and Greek yogurt!

Dips are one of my favorite things to eat.  But I prefer easy dips!  Serving a healthy dip is even better! I made this Green Goddess veggie dip with Chobani yogurt!  It's easy, healthy and delicious!   Going green can mean so many things.  It can mean being environmentally conscious, or bringing out our inner Irish.  For me it means eating green food.  A few weeks ago I made pistachio pudding cookies which were the perfect verdant … Continue reading →

Southwest Deviled Eggs

Southwest Deviled Eggs

Southwest Deviled Eggs   Deviled Eggs remind me of the 70's.  I just seem to remember these being THE appetizer at parties and cookouts that my family attended when I was a kid.   What I remember most is that Tupperware Deviled Egg Keeper.  It was a handy little thing.  The egg keeper came in various colors-yellow, orange, green, etc.  There was a sturdy hard plastic base.  The inside held two removable trays that would cradle your … Continue reading →

Avocado Feta Salsa

Chunks of heart healthy avocado's, fresh tomato and feta make up this tasty, addictive dip!

  I remember thinking as a kid, that I wish I never had to eat or sleep.  It just killed me when I had to stop playing to do something silly like eat! And you  know kid time is so much longer than adult time.  One night's sleep took an eternity!  Think of all the drama in Barbie's life I could create if I never had to stop playing!!!! I thought about this the other day when I called my own kids to eat and I was greeted with crickets … Continue reading →

Avocado Salsa Verde

Avocado Salsa Verde

  "Party, Caramba, Fiesta, Forever".  Yes, Lionel Richie was playing in my head as I was making this salsa.  Not sure why.  Not sure why he was dancing on the ceiling back in the day, but whatever.  Who am I to question musicians and their art? Lionel Richie did get me thinking about the music I listened to growing up in the 80's.  I sort of chuckled as I reminisced.   Care to take a trip down memory lane with me as I share the songs … Continue reading →