Strawberry Thumbprints

Strawberry Thumbprints

Strawberry Thumbprints

I do not like taking my kids to Sam’s.  For one thing, I end up spending way more money than when I shop alone!  Some how books and giant bags of M & M’s always make their way into my cart!  Another reason I don’t like taking my kids to Sam’s is because of the wide aisles.  Sounds odd, I know.  But I think my kids see this extra space as an invitation to run, play, skip, hop and dance.  It calls to them and draws them in.  And because the aisles are so tall, I think my kids forget they are in public.  Finally, I do not like taking my kids to Sam’s because of the samples.   My kids embarrass me.  It’s the truth.  They turn into greedy little vultures as they shout and yell for me to move from one sample to the next!  It wouldn’t be that bad, except that they literally scream “samples” as we approach each little stand.  The poor unsuspecting souls who man the booths  have no idea what will befall them when my kids get wind of their free goods!  I don’t care if what’s given away is joint juice for seniors, my kids want it!  If it’s in a small, white paper cup and it’s free, watch out!!!  There is nothing wrong with tasting samples here and there.  It’s just that my kids give the distinct impression that they’ve never been fed!  This is when I run to the check out and just plan on returning when the kids are in school.

I like buying strawberries at Sam’s.  I bought strawberries with the sole intention of making cookies.   I wanted cookies loaded with strawberries and I wanted them to be pink.  My first batch of strawberry cookies was made with a strawberry cake mix.  But they turned out flat, and tasted like cake (go figure?).  So I took a lesson from Chocolate, Chocolate and More and made cookies with Jello!  I went with a shortbread cookie this time.  I figured shortbread dough would hold its shape and would handle the strawberries nicely.  I was right!  The strawberry Jello turned these cookies the perfect shade of pink and enhanced the strawberry flavor!  To say I was merely pleased, is an understatement!  I used white chocolate candy melts for the filling.  I stuck them in while the cookies were cooling and after the chocolate melted, I swirled it just a bit.

I think I’ll box these up and give them to teachers this Valentine’s Day.  Assuming my family doesn’t eat them all first!

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Strawberry Thumbprints
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • ⅔ cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoons strawberry flavored gelatin
  • ½ teaspoon almond extract
  • ¼ cup strawberries, chopped
  • 2 ¼ cup flour
  • 1 cup vanilla flavored chocolate wafer candy melts
  1. Combine butter, sugar, gelatin and extract in a large bowl. Beat on medium speed until creamy. Gently mix in strawberries. Carefully beat in flour, scraping bowl until dough is well mixed.
  2. Cover and refrigerate dough for at least 1 hour.
  3. Preheat oven to 350. Shape dough into one inch balls and place on prepared cookie sheets, about 1 inch apart. Using your thumb or the back of a teaspoon, make indentations into each cookie. Bake in preheated oven for 14 minutes. Remove and place one vanilla wafer into each indentation. When chocolate begins to melt, swirl with a spoon.
  4. Let cool on baking sheet for 1 minute before removing to a cooling rack.
  5. Makes approx. 3 dozen cookies

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37 Responses

  1. Looks delicious Tanya! Jello adds so much flavor to cookies :)

    • I was surprised by the Jello! I have to use that more!

  2. I love adding Jello mix to cookies. :) They look wonderful! The candy melts add the perfect touch!

    • Thanks Sally! It was a good addition!

  3. I’m not much of a baker, Tanya, so adding jello to cookie dough is new to me. Sounds like a great way to pump up the flavor. I wouldn’t worry about your kids at the sample stations. As a store manager, if you’re going to put a sample stand in a big-box store, you had better be prepared for kids being drawn to it like moths to a flame. As a parent, take advantage of this free baby-sitting servie, head to the liquor section, and throwback a few of their samples. Meet up at the Pepto Bismol aisle. :)

    • Bahahah! I could have happy hour at Sam’s! Grab a drink and cocktail meatballs and call it a day!

  4. Such a good idea, to add Jell-O! And Sam’s, I know. I hate the wide aisles at Costco because Jordan runs all over, pretty much ensuring she’ll get in someone’s way since that place is insanely crazy always!

    • I love Costco more than Sam’s, I’m not taking my kids there with me. That’s my treat!

  5. I LOVE strawberry and I love pink-color and these cookies are BEAUTIFUL !!

    • Thanks Winnie! I love strawberry too-like your cake!

  6. LOL I hear you we were there last night and kiddo was all “where are the treat people?” He was so mad they were not out in full force for him.

  7. huntfortheverybest

    these cookies look great! i also saw the Jell-O cookies from Chocolate Chocolate and More. i made them, and they were great! these look great too!

  8. Just saw this link over at Skip To My Lou’s link party and had to stop by and check them out… they look so yummy!

  9. I’m a sucker for sweets. These look so yummy!! Thanks for linking up to Tasty Thursdays. Can’t wait to see what you linked up this week. Thanks, Nichi

  10. Tanya, I love easy recipes like this! They look adorable – definitely making this summer. :)

  11. These sound so unbelievably good!

    • Thank you Deb! I’m love the simple recipes!

  12. oh em gee!! So funny!! My kids are exactly the same way in stores, any stores, not just Sam’s. But they’re too picky to get excited over samples, but they do act like they’ve never been to a store!! Love these cookies, Pinned!

    • Thank you Paula for reassuring me that I am normal for wanting to shop alone!

  13. Tanya, wow, can you believe I’ve never tried Jello in cookies? I really have to try these cookies, because they look yummy! Thanks for sharing and pinning!

    • Turns out Jello makes some pretty good cookies! Thanks Cindy!

  14. […] to recreate the cookies from my youth.  While the buckeyes have remained timeless, I did remake strawberry cookies into something a little less sweet, I ditched the green-jellied thumbprint for chocolate […]


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