Neapolitan Cookie Brownies

Neapolitan Cookie Brownies

When my daughter, Lucy,  announced that her bear was turning 3, I figured we had to celebrate.   Lucy adores her bear!  Actually, she has two bears.  Their names are Bear, Bear and More Bear Bear (original, I know!).  They are identical in every way except More Bear Bear sports a bow.  I’ve been told that one’s the boy.

Both bears are very special to us.  They are very loved.  Which is why we have two.  When we discovered Lucy’s attachment to this bear, I immediately set out to find it’s double so that we would  never be without!!  Turns out we’d be in trouble anyway, since she carries around BOTH bears.

These bears are what you call lovey’s.  They have a bear head, and the bottom drapes like blanket.  The silk at the end is worn wear Lucy pulls it across her face when she is tired or anxious.  There a few holes that I need to stitch.  The ears are a bit misshapen since their faces are usually tucked under Lucy’s chin as she sleeps.  The once soft material is now a bit fuzzy and is beginning to pill.  One bear has a piece of thread dangling from a corner.  I don’t pull it for fear that part of the bear will unravel.

Yes, these little bears are near and dear to my little girl.  Lucy calls them her babies.  She walks them in a stroller. She reads to them.  She brushes their “hair”.  In return, they’ve comforted her during very long car rides, during many doctor visits, late summer nights, the transition to the big kid bed and even during potty training.  Bear Bear pooped out raisins to show Lucy how it’s done!  Weekly, these little bears accompany Lucy to gymnastics class as well as to swimming lessons.  They are her constant companions.

My eight year old has a little stuffed animal that she’s loved since she was an infant. Teeper is her animal’s name ( now that IS an original name!)  Teeper doesn’t follow her everywhere now.  My oldest doesn’t need her as much, which is good of course.  Every once in a while I catch my older daughter giving Teeper a quick kiss before bed.  I’m always very touched by that.  Such love and devotion.  Such special memories.  Interestingly, my son, never had an attachment to a stuffed animal.   Wonder why that is?

One day, my kids will fly from this nest.  I will hold onto  Bear Bear,  More Bear Bear, and Teeper for as long as I can.  They hold special memories in my heart.  Memories of my babies and the comfort and security they once needed.  Memories of these animals that were once extensions of themselves.  I will hold them close, rub their worn and tired little arms and ears across my cheek.  I will smell the faint smell of my babies breath.   I will take comfort in knowing that my sweet girls know what it is like to both give and receive unconditional love.

Oh yeah, back to the birthday!  We had cookie brownies with strawberry frosting!  They were outstanding!  The end!

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Neapolitan Cookie Brownies
  • 1 box brownie mix
  • 1 package premade sugar cookie roll 16oz
  • Strawberry Frosting
  • For the frosting:
  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • ⅓ cup sugar
  • 4 T strawberry puree (about ¼ cup strawberries chopped in a food processor)
  1. Preheat oven to 350. Allow cookie dough to come to room temperature. Prepare brownie according to package directions, baking for the lowest time stated. Once brownies are ready, immediately break apart cookie dough and spread carefully with fingers onto brownie. Place brownies with cookies back in the oven. Increase oven temperature to 375 and bake an additional 10 minutes. Allow brownies
  2. For the frosting
  3. In a mixer, whip cream until it becomes thick and resembles whip cream (about 2 minutes). Add in sugar. Mix in strawberries until completely combined.

Frosting adapted from The Cupcake Project

59 Responses

  1. Rosey

    My now-19 yr old took his bear everywhere with us when he was little (even into the ocean!). I still have it in his baby box. :)

    Your recipe sounds delicious x 100 !!

    • I will never let go of Bear Bear! She’s been in so many places she can smell so funky! I don’t think she’s seen the ocean, but if my daughter needed there, then Bear would go too!

  2. I love this story so much! My youngest, who is now 7 has a bear named Fuzzy that is very loved though he does not travel everywhere anymore. I love the idea of a birthday party for the Bear, I think that these are the fun, really special parts of being a mom and family. Thanks so much for sharing! This recipe sounds delicious, and totally perfect for a bear party! So glad I found your site!

    • I get choked up when I think about the day my kids don’t need their special animals anymore. It will be like saying goodbye to child hood. Thanks for stopping by! We have leftover brownies for Fuzzy!

  3. Oh these sound yummy! I bet I could figure out how to make a whole foods version. You have given me something to shoot for!

    • Pretty versatile recip, you can change it up many ways!

  4. My cousin, who is now thirteen, still celebrates Elmo’s birthday – cake and all. :)

    • That is so sweet!! It’s hard to let go of Elmo!

    • Thank you! Don’t drool on your keyboard!

  5. I bet these brownies disappear fast. Bears love brownies, or so I’ve been told.

  6. My daughter is just going to die when I make these for her! Not from hunger of course. From excitement!

    • Yes, the pinkish frosting made my girls very happy!

  7. This is soooooooooooo sweet
    I love these cookies and really enjoyed reading this post

    • Thank you! I teared up while writing it. I think lots of people can relate!

  8. A birthday for her bears. How sweet! Kids come up with the cutest things, and those cookie brownies look so delicious. I’m a huge fan of strawberry frosting and love adding other fruit flavors sometimes too.

    • I think Bear has had several birthdays this year, this is the only time we actually celebrated!

    • Ah Woody! That is so sweet! Thanks for visiting!

  9. Wow, these brownies look divine!

  10. I need another sweet like a hole in the head, but your recipes are to die for! I’m a new follower through the blog hop and I know I won’t be able to resist visiting now that I have “met”you! Do visit the farm at and follow along !

  11. These looks super good. I will have to try them soon!

  12. These sound great! Pinned to try later. Thanks!

    • Thank you! I will link up thanks for the invite!

  13. i love neapolitan stuff, and these look so tasty! i totally agree about the lovey thing, my son almost 8 now, has a fav blankie that he still sucks at bedtime (we actually have about 4 of the same so we can rotate them)…he won’t need them one day, but i’ll hold onto them even as gnarly as they are getting as a reminder of my little baby he once was. thanks for sharing!

    • I’m glad we aren’t the only family with back up loveys!!! I love that your 8 year old still has a bedtime loved one! It’s so sweet and I’m not ready to let go of that!

    • Thank you! Would love to link up, thanks for the invite!

  14. These look wonderful! What a wonderful story. And how cute is your daughter??!! We have a lovey too and it was a favorite for years!

    • Aren’t the lovey’s the sweetest??? I will hold onto them forever!

  15. I love! that you celebrate Bear Bear’s birthday! Especially with this tasty treat. They look absolutely mouth-watering. So happy to have you link up at Weekend Potluck…but did I miss seeing a link back? =)

    • Oh I do too!!!! The frosting was the best!

  16. Oh, these look so good – may have to give them a try! Linkin’ up from Flamingo Toes 😀

    • Hope you do!!! Thanks so much for visiting!

  17. awe how sweet is that story!!! And I love that you celebrated the stuffed bear…to cute!!! But the brownies…oo la la…those are incredible:-)

    • We celebrate anything! There’s always a good reason to eat something sweet!

  18. wow! These look really good, and I bet they taste fabulous!

    • They tasted yummy!!! They were gone very quickly! It was a bit embarrassing really.

  19. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. These brownies look delicious.

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