Cookies and Crafts for Sandy Hook

I had a weekend filled with tears after Friday’s tragedy.  I held my kids closer and spent more time with family.

I was going to keep it business as usual today.  But as I drove my daughter to pre-school, I  heard snippets President Obama’s memorial speech on the radio and I lost it.  I can’t help but cry.  I’m a mother to three little ones, my world is filled with children.  While I’m busy preparing for the upcoming holiday, families in Newtown, Connecticut are preparing for funerals.

The blogging community will be remembering the victims on Friday.   We’ll be sharing crafts and cookies in remembrance of all those lives lost.  Please join us.  If you have a shop or business and would like to donate proceeds, Dorothy, at Crazy for Crust has a link party open.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the Newtown Youth and Family Services link to find out more.


We will all move forward, but we will not forget.

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  1. I have 3 kids too, and I am with you, I can’t see or hear anything about what happened without crying for those children and the families who lost someone. It is so heartbreaking. I, too, was going to just forge ahead in my blog post this morning…but once I dropped my kids off at school, my heart sank. No, the victims will not be forgotten.

    • I know Kim, how can you not cry! Especially this time of year.

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