Mint Julep Fudge

Simple and sweet chocolate and mint swirled fudge with a kick of bourbon

 Whether bourbon is your drink or not, you will love this simple Mint Julep Fudge! I love bourbon.  Not that I actually drink a lot of bourbon, unless it’s in a frothy, sweet milkshake that is.  I like to keep my favorite bottle handy because it is one of my favorite ingredients to use in my food.  I find it adds a deep, rich undertone to both savory foods like pork bbq and sweet foods like Butterscotch Bars and German Brownies.  In fact, … Continue reading →

Mini Lemon Hand Pies

Pillsbury pie dough is cut into bite sized circles and filled with homemade lemon curd. Perfect little pies for spring!

Buttery and flaky pie dough is shaped into sweet mini hand pies and filled with homemade lemon curd! Perfect little bite sized desserts! Desserts used to be so simple.  Growing up, dessert choices were pies, chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies and the occasional cake.  Ingredients were simple;  what you saw was what you got.  Desserts didn’t used to be so imaginative. There was actually a time when all you … Continue reading →

Roasted Blueberry Tart

Slow roasted blueberry tart with mascarpone and goat cheese all on a flaky puff pastry crust!

Smooth mascarpone cheese is blended with tangy goat cheese and topped with slow roasted blueberries for this simple yet elegant dessert! Want more?  Follow along with Bloglovin! My good friend Lisa from Wine and Glue is having a baby!  A baby girl to be exact.  This is her third little bundle of happiness.  I am absolutely elated for her and her family.  Babies are so sweet.  I miss babies.  There is … Continue reading →

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mocha Cupcakes

Rich chocolate cupcakes with thick mocha buttercream and sweet chocolate chip cookie dough hidden inside!

Rich chocolate cupcakes filled with a little nugget of cookie dough (egg free) and topped with thick mocha fudge frosting! Field trips.  Remember those?  Remember how excited you were when field trip day finally arrived?  The bus would feel electric!  The air was thick with anticipation of all the fun to come.  You could be going to go watch wood rot, but you wouldn’t care because you weren’t in school.  It was like a big jail break, freedom … Continue reading →

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Sandwich Cookies

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies filled with eggless chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough filling

 Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies filled with egg-free Peanut Butter Cookie Dough! I spent an inordinate amount of time during my high school years driving around in a bright orange Ford Bronco.  My best friend was at the wheel and I was usually co-pilot.  We weren’t bad teenagers, we were just bored.  So we drove around and around and around.  We drove past friend’s houses, boy’s houses, searched for parties, and then … Continue reading →

Lemon Greek Easter Cookies {Koulourakia}

Lemon Greek Easter Cookies

I have been compensated for this post.  However all opinions expressed are my own.  Sweet little cookies just in time for Easter! Rich, buttery Easter cookies with a hint of fresh lemon!  These cookies are perfect for dunking into your coffee or tea! My Greek family does things a little differently for Easter.  No, we don’t break plates and spray Windex over everything, but we do have traditions that are all our own.  It never occurred to me … Continue reading →

Candy Land Cupcakes

Candy Land cupcakes are topped with sugar and spice and everything nice!

Candy Land inspired cupcakes are sure to make you smile! These fun cupcakes are topped with brilliantly colored frosting and of course candy galore! We bought our Candy Land game almost 8 years ago.  It was our first family board game.  It has certainly seen a lot of use.  It’s cover is tattered.  The board itself is heavily creased and the cards are bent, worn and weathered.  Although we don’t play it as frequently now, I am not ready to … Continue reading →

Irish Cream Brownies

Rich chocolaty Irish Cream brownies with Irish Cream frosting.

Thick and rich chocolate brownies made with a hint of Irish Cream and espresso powder.  But it doesn’t stop there!  These brownies are then topped with  a decadent Irish Cream frosting.  A dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings! I had the best post to share with you.  It was quite charming and would have hooked you with the very first line.  You would have been leaning forward, fervently reading; anxious to find out how it was all going to … Continue reading →

Tagalong Girl Scout Cookie Whoopie Pies

Tagalong Whoopie Pies

Chocolate and vanilla cakes hugging sweet peanut butter filling! Each little whoopie pie tastes just like a Tagalong-a favorite Girl Scout Cookie! I almost missed out on ordering Girl Scout cookies this year, but then my neighbor and her daughter swooped in at the 11th hour to save me!  I can’t go a year without those colorful little boxes.  I know they are over priced and that each box barely contains enough for one person, but I really love … Continue reading →